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                                                                      February 2006


Mr. Clarence Woodworth, Principal                                               Mrs. Debbie Shrewsbury, Assistant Principal   

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“Winfield Middle School acknowledges that students are unique individuals and strives to develop skills pursuant to lifetime success.”    WMS – We Motivate Students


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Principal’s Note


A great big CONGRATULATIONS to Andy Wade, Putnam County Spelling Bee winner!  Andy will represent Putnam County and Winfield Middle School at the regional Gazette-Mail contest in March.  It is incredible that this is the fifth time Andy will participate in this event.  We, and especially his parents and family, are extremely proud of Andy and all of his many accomplishments.


One of the issues we as parents have with our children as they grow and mature is how to help our kids learn to solve problems they encounter.  One technique we can use to begin teaching them how to solve problems on their own is called “joint problem-solving.”  Try it to teach your child responsibility.  Here’s how:

1.                Define the issue.  What problem are you trying to solve?  Be specific.  “I’m frustrated that you leave your homework on the kitchen table every night”.  The more details you can provide for your child, the better.

2.                Talk – and listen.    Let him know why it upsets you.  “It upsets me because I can’t set the table if your books are scattered everywhere.”  Hear him out.  Do his assignments exhaust him?  Is he so wrung out from studying that he doesn’t think about putting his things away?  Let him say so.

3.                Brainstorm together.  If you don’t like his suggestions – “I shouldn’t have to clean up!” – try not to criticize.  Nudge him toward more reasonable ideas.  Continue until you agree on one.  “How about stacking your books next to the table, then putting them away later?”

4.                Try it.  Decide on a time when you try the suggestion.

5.                Check up.  A few days later, re-evaluate.  Is the solution working?  Great.  If it’s failing, try another idea.  Above all, follow through.  If your child starts “forgetting” to move his books again, remind him that he’s responsible for his part.


Source:  “Teaching Responsibility to Preteens, Teens,” Cooperative Extension Service, Iowa State University,


Clarence Woodworth






Upcoming Events


February 1 – Talent show auditions begin


February 4 – Regional RAZE ON


February 8 – Golden Horseshoe Test


February 8 – 8:30 am  PAC Meeting


February 10 – Hoops for Heart


February 11 – MVAC Cheer Competition 12:00 at HHS


February 11 – Girls Basketball Tournament Begins


February 14 – Valentine’s Day Dance 6 pm – 8 pm


February 15 – Midterm Grades distributed


February 16 – Zap-A-Snack Fundraiser


February 18 – Boys Basketball Tournament begins


February 20 – Instructional Support Day.  No school for students.  Parent-Teacher conferences from 3:30 – 6:30.


February 27 – Auditions for All County Band  3:30 – 7:30


February 28 – Related Arts Showcase of Talent 1:30


Back by popular demand . . . the WMS Showcase of Talent!!!!    Appearing February 28!!!    Watch for details soon . . . . .!!!


Fellowship of Christian Athletes


FCA meets every Friday morning at 7:40 in Room 106.  F.C.A. is open to all WMS students. Please feel free to come any time between 7:40 and 8:00 a.m.


          Hoops for Heart


Did you know that the average heart beats 100,000 times each day?  Good health and physical fitness are important to everyone.  Our school will be participating in Hoops for Heart on February 10, 2006.  Receive great thank-you gifts and help raise money for the American Heart Association.  For more details, see Mrs. Conner.


Team 5 will be selling Valentine Candy Grams during the first part of February.  They will be delivered on Valentine’s Day during Advisory.  The cost will be $1.00.  Watch the morning announcements for more details.  Send your Valentine a Candy Gram!



Receiving more than one newsletter?  Know someone who is not receiving a newsletter at all?  Contact Kathy Carney at



Feel like getting your hands dirty?  Then the WMS Beautification Team needs you.  We will be attacking some major landscaping projects in the coming months.  We’ll be pruning bushes, removing others and taking out a tree or two.  And you can say, “Goodbye" to everything that’s in the Japanese Garden.  The projects begin in February with plantings in the spring.  Parents and students are encouraged to sign-up together.  This is also an ideal way for organizations, scouts, or high school students to get some community service hours.  Pass the word.  Call Kathy Carney (757-7871) to get involved or contact Mrs. Shrewsbury.



          WMS recently subscribed to a middle school newsletter from the Parent Institute (   The newsletter “Parents Still Make the Difference!” is packed with valuable information for middle school parents.  In Mr. Woodworth’s principal’s note, he passed on a joint problem-solving concept that was included in this month’s edition.  Another article addressed using websites to develop thinking skills.  Here is that article entitled “Websites can be Fun and Educational at the Same Time.”



Could your middle schooler’s thinking skills use some sharpening?  Here are four free websites:

          1.  Mission:  Critical (  What are the basics of critical thinking?  Find out on this site.  Peruse definitions of everything from “reasoning” to “arguments.”  Tackle concepts like logic and truth.  Then put your knowledge to the test.

          2.  World Builders  (  What would it take to build a universe?  See for yourself on this creative site that touches on notions big and small.  For example:  Will your planet have animals and people?  What if your world isn’t warm enough to sustain them?

          3.  Thinking Fountain  (  Growing mold sounds fun – not to mention gross.  But what does it have to do with science?  On this site, students can make logical connections.  From hands-on experiments to reading-rich activities, the site lets kids challenge their brains.

          4.  (  Is your child clever enough to confuse a computer?  Play 20 Questions against a “virtual” opponent.  See who’s the better thinker.


Watch for future newsletters to include more articles from the Parent Institute.


Teacher’s Notes


Team 1 News:


          Team One would like to thank the area businesses that donated holiday decorations for the Winter Dance.  Those businesses include Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Big Lots, Kroger, Fruth Pharmacy, and Mrs. Shelly Craigo.  We appreciate you, and we are thankful for the wonderful, whimsical winter display at our dance.


          Mrs. McKinney would like to remind both students and parents that extra credit can be earned weekly using current events.  Students must present orally on a current event of choice for 5 points weekly.


          Are you checking us out on the Web?  Team One updates lesson plans weekly at  Please remember that these plans are subject to change depending upon the amount of time needed for students to meet mastery of skills.


Team 2 News:


          We are pleased to announce that the Team 2 Students of the Month for January are Kristen Elswick and Travis Lovejoy.  Both students have been working hard, and we are extremely pleased with their attitudes and the effort they have put into doing their schoolwork.  Team 2 also has two sixth grade math field day representatives.  Allie Richardson will be representing Winfield Middle at the Putnam County Math Field Day, and Levi Thornton is the alternate.  Team 2 has much to be proud of.


Team 3 News:


          Our students of the month for January are Morgan Harpold and Brandon Lowe.  Congratulations, students!!


          Remember our next payment for the Cincinnati trip is $20 on January 30.  Also, $20 is due on February 28th.


          Science Fair Participants:  Your topic must be turned in and approved by Mrs. Nitardy no later than January 27th.  The school science fair is March 10th.  There is a lot to do and little time.  Most of your work should be done outside the school setting.  GOOD LUCK!!!!!



Team 5 News:


In late December, well-rehearsed “ghosts” of Christmas Past, Present and Future (Team 5) guided student actor/readers through many quick scenery changes.  During a Reader’s Theatre in class, students presented performances based on a condensed script of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  With sound effects and handmade props such as Victorian top hats, log fires, and headstones, students fine-tuned their oral reading skills.  To all students and parents who supported this effort-because of YOU, we did not just explore a great book-we explored the love of reading!


Kudos to parents Kelly Murray for volunteering to loan a hand-carved mantle for the Scrooge and Crachit’s homes and to Debbie Shantie for volunteering to donate a new decorated Christmas tree for the Crachit home.  Parents who sent props with their students-your donations made the “sets” so believable!


Scavenger Hunt


In early January, Team 5 participated in a “magazine” parts of speech scavenger hunt in Language Arts.  Teams of 3-5 students competed frantically to find examples of the 30 categories listed.  Winners were:  TEAM 1:  Evan Padismon, Lauren Wertz, Andy Martin, and Jessi Truelove

TEAM 3:  Tyler Ferris, Jami Richmond, Andrea Bills, Cody Childers, and Jenna Burch

Congratulations!  Winners received assorted prizes.  A similar competition, a “newspaper” scavenger hunt, will be held in March.  Students, stay “primed” for details!  Thank you, Kim Fizer, for your donation of magazines and thank you, Sam and Tonya Heskett, for volunteering to donate the prize incentives! 




Reading/Language Arts

A “Virtual Reality” Drill


In late January, Team 5 participated in a “virtual reality” writing assessment.  In preparation of the WVDE March Writing Assessment, students randomly chose sample writing prompts and drafted/wrote/typed essays in the computer lab which they, in turn, peer proofed and scored against the state-designed assessment Rubic.  Kudos to students who both scored well and took this practice seriously.


Many Thanks, Fazolis!


Team 5 would like to thank Sherry Bills with Fazolis for volunteering to provide treat coupons as reading/language arts’ incentives.  “No matter how you slice it,” support like yours encourages the students!  Thanks so much!


Team 5 Community Service Project:

A little boy’s fight for life


Team 5 will be raising money to help Little Nathan Morganroth, a local six year old diagnosed with ALD, a Chromosomal disorder.  During lunch times, Team 5 students will be selling blaze orange wrist bands inscribed “Nathan’s Fight” for $5 in an effort to thwart the mounting financial concerns associated with his treatment and the travel and lodging due to his mother’s inability to be able to work during Nathan’s illness.  Nathan remains in the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for testing.  A trust fund has been set up at the Fifth Third Bank.  Donations can be made directly to the Nathan Morganroth Trust Fund.  All donations are tax deductible and a tax ID number can be received.


Seventh Grade Teachers Send Thanks!


Seventh grade teachers would like to sincerely thank the following parents who served concessions and served as volunteers for the 7th Grade Winter Dance:  Carrie Wiesner, Bob and Barbie Fronk, Sherri Mears, Donna Cardwell, Robin Cloxton, Susie Dailey, Debra Shantie, Jeannie Wray, Anna Dingess, Tabitha Wheeler, Rich Holtzapfel, and Robin Marie Crede.


Team 5 will be purchasing a digital camera soon.  Be sure to check out the school website under Team 5 for exciting new pictures.



Team 6 News:


December and the first days of January have been very busy around WMS.  We finished our interdisciplinary unit on A Christmas Carol and learned a lot about Victorian England, customs, and changing attitudes.  Team 6 teachers were very proud of our students’ behavior on the field trip to see the play, “It’s a Wonderful Life”.


We are also proud of our 7th grade Math Field Day winners from Team 6:  Glen Smithberger, Luke Miller, Asad Khawaja and Alternate Jordan Bibbee.  They will be competing in the Putnam County Math Field Day Competition in February.  The County Spelling Bee was held January 12, 2006 at 7:00 at the Board Office with our own Team 6 Sydney Butler as WMS alternate.


Also, coming up in March are the Science Fair and Young Writer’s Contest.  Extra help will be available for both during the new Teaming Time starting in the new semester.  Research skills, scientific process, and creative writing will be stressed in classes.


Team 6 co-sponsored the January dance, along with Teams 4 and 5.  We want to thank all the parents who offered their time to chaperone the dance, and those who sent candy, drinks, etc. which helped make the dance a success.  Without our parent support, we could not do nearly as much for our students.  Thanks again.