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Mr. Clarence Woodworth, Principal       Mrs. Debbie Shrewsbury, Assistant Principal   March 2006

                                                            Ms. Wheeler, Mrs. Naylor, Counselors            586-3072



“Winfield Middle School acknowledges that students are unique individuals and strives to develop skills pursuant to lifetime success.”    WMS – We Motivate Students


WMS Business partners:  Winfield Police Department, CIS Internet, AEP/John Amos Power Plant, &

 BB&T Bank.  Thank you for your support!




Principal’s Note


Spring is certainly upon us!  Though it has been quite cold, the days are getting longer and robins have been spotted.

We want to congratulate our basketball teams; the girls were runners up in the Mid-Valley Conference, missing being champions by only one point.  Congratulations to them and their coaches, Rusty Arthur and Freddie Wright.  Our boys just won their first game in the tournament and will face Poca in the second game.  Good luck, boys!  Our cheerleaders placed third in the Mid-Valley Conference Tournament. Congratulations to them and their coach, Staci Wallace, for a great season.

We had twenty-two entrants for the WV Golden Horseshoe.  We know we will have several county winners!  Our Math Field Day winners will represent us well.  A lot of our seventh and eighth grade students are preparing for band ratings, probably about 70 or so musicians, and about the same number of students are preparing for All County Chorus Competition.  We also have several students practicing getting ready for our revived Talent Show.  You can see from all this, Winfield Middle School is  busy, always working on ways to showcase our talents.  We are extremely proud of all our students and we thank you, their parents, for the encouragement and support you give them.  We hope you will have a wonderful Spring!


Clarence Woodworth





Hoops for Heart


On Friday, February 13, 2006 our students took part in Hoops for Heart.  Our 39 participants had lots of fun in different contests like Tag, 3 Point Shooting, Obstacle Course, Foul Shots and 3 on 3.  They raised over $1,000 and took part in community service for WMS and Heart Research.




Fellowship of Christian Athletes


FCA meets every Friday morning at 7:40 in Room 106.  F.C.A. is open to all WMS students. Please feel free to come any time between 7:40 and 8:00 a.m.



Upcoming Events


March 1 – RAZE Field trip 9:00 – 2:30


March 8 – Science Fair


March 8 – PAC Meeting 8:30


March 9Clay Center Field trip Teams 5 & 6


March 10 – Regional Math Field Day


March 14 – Dance 6 pm – 8pm sponsored by Team 10


March 17 – County Science Fair


March 20 – All County Chorus Rehearsal 9 – 1:30


March 21 – All County Chorus Rehearsal 9 – 1:30.  Concert at 7:30


March 21 – CO2 Car Race at Poca


March 22 – End 3rd Nine Weeks


March 22 – March 24 – 7th Grade Writing Assessment


March 25 – State Science Fair


March 31 – Report Cards Distributed













The school winners for the Young Writer’s Contest are Noelle Hadley for 7th/8th grades and Logan Rumbaugh for 6th grade.  Noelle’s story, “Finding Jewell,” and Logan’s story, “Flame of Tears,” will now advance to the county competition representing Winfield Middle school.  Good Luck Noelle and Logan!




Feel like getting your hands dirty?  Then the WMS Beautification Team needs you.  We will be attacking some major landscaping projects in the coming months.  We’ll be pruning bushes, removing others and taking out a tree or two.  And you can say, “Goodbye" to everything that’s in the Japanese Garden.  The projects began in February with plantings in the spring.  Parents and students are encouraged to sign up together.  This is also an ideal way for organizations, scouts, or high school students to get some community service hours.  Pass the word.  Call Kathy Carney (757-7871) to get involved or contact Mrs. Shrewsbury.





          Mrs. Shrewsbury recently subscribed to a middle school newsletter from the Parent Institute (   The newsletter “Parents Still Make the Difference!” is packed with valuable information for middle school parents.  This month’s edition included the following article about developing good character.

“Developing Good Character Doesn’t Happen Overnight”

A preteen of good character will likely become an adult of good character.  But your child’s good character doesn’t just happen.  It develops slowly and matures over time.

          To help nurture your child’s budding character:

bullet Have him take responsibility for his actions.  If your child does something wrong, don’t make excuses or cover for him.  Owning up to wrong doing is a big step toward developing good character.
bullet Show him respect.  When possible, let your child make decisions and solve his own problems.  Respect his ability to handle situations himself.  (But be sensible.  If the situation is clearly beyond him, step in.)
bullet Show respect toward others.  Whether dealing with your child’s science teacher or a cashier at the store, be respectful in your words and actions.  Your child will learn what respect is by watching you.
bullet Be trustworthy.  If you say you’re going to do something, do it.  Prove that your child can trust you.
bullet Be honest with him.  If you don’t want your child to lie, don’t lie to him.  Remember, even if they’re little, they’re still lies.
bullet Be fair.  Make sure that the expectations you set are reasonable.  If they are, they’re probably fair, too.  Also, when arguing with your child, listen to his side of the story.  Display fairness by hearing him out.


Source:  Kelley S. Schubert, “Building Character in Children,” Counselor’s Corner,




Teacher’s Notes


Team 1 News:


          Team One would like to congratulate Joseph Hare for winning the Patriot’s Pen essay contest sponsored by the VFW.  He won first place in District 8 which includes multiple counties in WV with his essay titled “Today’s Patriots.”  Joseph wins a trophy and a $50 savings bond for his effort.   He will now advance to the state level as District 8 representative. 

The winner on the state level wins a trip to Washington, D.C.


          Congratulations to the Team One semi-finalists in the Young Writer’s Contest.  These stories/essays were chosen based on originality, clarity and conciseness, organization and effective expression.  From this top ten, two winners were chosen to represent Team One in the school contest.  The semi-finalists are Brooke Miller, Daniel Hare, Natalie Harris, Bethany Jordan, Logan Rumbaugh, Josh Fisher, Jenna Spencer, Katlyn Spaulding, Joseph Hare and Kayann Hare.  The winners for Team One are Daniel Hare for “The Almighty Friend” and Logan Rumbaugh for “Flame of Tears.”  Great job and Good Luck!  Keep up the good work and keep on writing!


          Team One held its RSP second nine weeks assembly on Tuesday, February 21, 2006.  Students were recognized for academic reasons as well as responsibility.  The following students were recognized for receiving NO RSPs for the entire nine weeks:  Chelsey Adkins, Alison Amick, Carly Cooper, Ashley Hodges, Amal Kowatli, Laura McVey, Joey Puterbaugh, Logan Rumbaugh, Chris Smith, Katlyn Spaulding, Jenna Spencer, Kendra Mead, Natalie Harris, Ali Fisher, and Brooke Miller.  We also recognized 18 students for not reaching Level One in the RSP program.  They were Kaitlin Casto, Luke Cullen, Tyler Cornell, Tyler Erskine, Cameron Hale, Taylor Henderson, Cody Honaker, Samantha Hughes, Bethany Jordan, Dusty Kincaid, Anna Lawhead, Kyle Levisay, Katie McCullough, Ben McGowan, Sam Pyles, and Preslee Rumbaugh.  We did have eight students that received no RSPs for the entire first semester!  They are Ali Fisher, Daniel Hare, Joseph Hare, Kayann Hare, Kendra Mead, Brooke Miller, Joey Puterbaugh, and Ryan Stewart.  We are so proud of the work ethic and responsibility of our students.

          We also recognized our citizens of the month.  Our citizens of the month for December were Tanner Withrow and Kayann Hare.  January’s citizens of the month were Kaitlin Casto and Daniel Hare.  Congratulations also to our new February Citizens of the Month – Jenna Spencer and Jamie Young.

          Students were also recognized for perfect attendance with no tardies.  Those students were Kim Gunnell, Ashley Hodges, Katie McCullough, Derek Pauley and Jenna Spencer.

          Lastly, we recognized students for achievement and excellence in academics.  We are proud of the overall hard work and dedication to success that our students are demonstrating.  These students are Rebekah Togger, Bethany Jordan, Kayann Hare, Katie McCullough, Brooke Miller, Carly Cooper, Katlin Casto, Alison Amick, Daniel Hare, Ryan Stewart, Ali Fisher, Joseph Hare, Kim Gunnell, Kendra Mead, Logan Rumbaugh, Tanner Withrow, Jenna Spencer, Chris Smith, Cody Honaker, Samantha Hughes, Derek Pauley, Luke Cullen, Kelsey Turley, Corey Bess, Tyler Cornell, Ashley Hodges, Troy Stone, Hannah Woodruff, Chelsey Adkins, Ben McGowan, Amal Kowatli, Jessa Kirk, Joey Puterbaugh, Josh Fisher, Taylor Henderson, Nathan Embree, Jamie Young and Katlyn Spaulding.

          As the weather begins to warm and our focus changes from Winter to Spring/Summer, let’s stay focused and keep our eyes on success!  Keep up the good work.


          Mrs. Freeman would like to remind Team One and Two students that Science Fair projects will be presented in class on March 3rd and 6th.  The school fair will be held on March 8th, and the county fair is scheduled for March 17th.  Good luck to all that have been working hard to complete these projects.


Team 2 News:


          Team 2 will hold a Math-A-Thon to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  The event is scheduled to begin April 3rd and is being coordinated by Mrs. Kirk.  By supporting the participants of this event, you will help raise funds for the internationally recognized hospital.  These funds will not only help St. Jude in its ongoing fight against childhood catastrophic diseases, but also directly benefit a young person in Putnam County.  Due to HIPPA laws, the child’s name cannot be released.

          The Math-A-Thon is sponsored by Six Flags Theme Parks, who provides free passes to their parks to every student raising $35 or more through the program.

          St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is internationally recognized for its pioneering work in finding cures and saving children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases.  Founded by the late entertainer Danny Thomas and based in Memphis, Tenn., St. Jude is financially supported by ALSAC, its fund-raising organization.  For more information, please visit


          Congratulations to our Team 2 Students of the Month:  Faith Farley and Zach Gunter.


Congratulations to the following students for outstanding achievement in the Responsible Student Program:


4 or less RSPs for the 2nd 9 weeks:  Colten Beck, Derick Brown, Megan Burch, Ashlie Byers, Faith Farley, Cory Foster, Zach Gunter, Jake Hall, Ashlee Bowman, Sara Hardman, Haleigh Harris, Layne Henry, Tyler Herdman, Shana Lies, Matthew Lovejoy, LD McBrayer, Connor McKinney, Corri Meadows, Shaylyn Mendenhall, Jeremy Mitchell, Derek Moore, Taylor Pauley, Garrett Payne, Roman Runyon, Brittany Spence, Levi Thornton, Tyler Willard, Brett Worthington

No RSPs for 2nd 9 Weeks:  Amanda Clark, Zac Doss, Haleigh Hoff, Kristin Elswick, Alixandra McKnight, Brett Payne, Faith Zegeer.


Congratulations to the following students for Excellence in Academics for the 2nd 9 weeks:  Ashlee Bowman, Megan Burch, Logan Childers, Amanda Clark, Patrick Crede, Zac Doss, Kristin Elswick, Faith
Farley, Cory Foster, Zach Gunter, Garrett Hall, Jake Hall, Sara Hardman, Haleigh Hoff, Shana Lies,  LD McBrayer, Alixandra McKnight, Shaylyn Mendenhall, Jeremy Mitchell, Derek Moore, Taylor Pauley, Brett Payne, Garrett Payne, Allie Richardson, Roman Runyon, Brittany Spence, Levi Thornton, Faith Zegeer.


The following students were WV Young Writer’s Contest Semi-Finalists for Team 2:  Amanda Clark, Shanice Fletcher, Kristin Elswick, Tyler Herdman, LD McBrayer, Jeremy Mitchell, Taylor Pauley and Levi Thornton.  Congratulations to Shaylyn Mendenhall and Allie Richardson for being Team 2 Finalists!



Team 3 News:


          We would like to congratulate the following students for having 4 or less RSPs for the 2nd Nine Weeks:  Chase Bailes, Ryan Chambers, Conner Chapman, Joni Cochran, Erika Colagrosso, Casey Erwin, Meghan Handley, Jonathan Hannigan, Chey Higginbotham, Erik Holtzapfel, Tyler Humphreys, Brooke Kenney, Brandon Lowe, Luke Martin, Travis Moore, Chelsea Morrison, Erica Randolph, Brandon Rhodes, Wes Shaffron, Ethan Shortridge, Donna Slater, Courtney Smith, Jacob Sutton, Jami Vickers, Takonia Williams and Matthew Wright.

          The following students had NO RSPs for the entire 2nd Nine Weeks:  Anna Chambers, Kaitlin Coleman, Kiersten Craven, Brandon Farmer, Makenzie Hamrick, Morgan Harpold, Andrea Hart, Jody Henson, Katie Jones, Mikayla McQueeney, Samantha Remaley, Taylor Smith, Miranda Walker, and Tanner Wolfe.

          Also, we would like to recognize those who have achieved Academic Greatness for the 2nd Nine Weeks.  Those students are as follows:  Makenzie Hamrick, Andrea Hart, Chelsea Morrison, Wesley Shaffron, and Tanner Wolfe. 


          There was a Young Writer’s Contest in which everyone on Team 3 participated.  Brandon Lowe and Andrea Hart were the two finalists.  Great work you two!!


          Our Team 3 students of the month for February are Kaitlin Coleman and Conner Chapman.  We are very proud of you both!


          Just a reminder to those that are doing the science fair:  Projects are due on March 1st and the school science fair is March 8th.  Good luck to everyone!       


Team 5 News:


Team 5 Community Service Project:

“A little boy’s been fighting!”


          A little boy has been fighting – Nathan Morganroth has been fighting . . . for his life!  As a community service project, Team 5 students have been selling wristbands in Nathan’s favorite color – blaze orange for $5.00.  These funds will serve the mounting finances associated with the treatment for his ALD, a chromosomal disorder.

          His mother, a nurse, has been unable to work as she attends to him at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  A trust fund has been set up at the Fifth Third Bank.  Donations can be made directly to the Nathan Morganroth Trust Fund.  All donations are tax deductible and a Tax ID number can be received for donations.  Let’s help Nathan fight . . . with our donations!  We believe in you, Nathan!


Student to Tour Europe!


Congratulations, Seth Skiles!  Seth was chosen upon a letter of recommendation from Team 5 to participate in the People to People Program during the summer of 2006.

          People to People, founded in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, invites student ambassadors from all over the US to travel to other countries and meet other people.  In a recent kick-off meeting, Seth represented Putnam County among the 40 students invited.  Leaving in mid June and returning in early July, Seth will travel, for example, to Paris, Vienna, the Swiss Alps, Venice and Rome.

Seth is excited, and Team 5 knows that Seth will easily make a “lasting GENERAL Impression” with everyone he meets in this endeavor.  We believe in you, Seth.  CONGRATULATIONS!


Thank you, Parents!


Team 5 would like to thank Sarah Governale for recently doing volunteer work for Team 5.  Sarah, offers like yours make for smooth sailing for our TEAM!


-Special “NEWS” Project-

for Exploratory Class


People love the “scoop,” don’t they?  Many are obsessed with it.  The more, the better – Sports, Product Reviews, Advice.  Whatever.  So, Team 5 has been “dishing up” first-hand news for a newsletter project covering the WMS “beat,” but particularly Team 5 happenings.

          Columns such as “Smiles and Frowns,” “Dear Alvin, Dear Amy,” “Class Projects,” “Field Trips,” “The Noon Beat,” “Birthdays,” and even a special section for riddles and door prize submissions have been included.

          Want a “FREE DOWNLOAD” of seventh grade happenings?  Ask your student for a copy of our T5T, created in Language Arts Exploratory – “The Team 5 Talk!”



Longaberger Bingo


Thank you to all the students and parents that helped with the Longaberger Bingo.  It was a great success because we had so many people sponsoring, working the event and selling tickets.  Students were given a letter the last week of February that reflected the profit made on the Bingo.



Team 9 Science Fair:


          The Winfield Middle School Science Fair will be held on March 8th.  Student projects were presented in class and the BEST projects were asked to participate in the school fair.  Great job guys!!!  The BEST projects from the WMS Science Fair will be invited to participate in the Putnam County Science Fair on March 17th.



Counseling News


Free Dental Services:

          Free dental services are available to Putnam County Students.  The Putnam County Dental Clinic at Putnam County Career & Technical Center provides services to Putnam County students who meet these guidelines.

1.     Putnam County Student, 18 or younger.

2.     NOT covered by Dental Insurance or Medical Card for dental services.

3.     Financially qualify for free or reduced lunch.

4.     Have transportation to the clinic.

There are several students in Putnam County who could benefit from these dental services and with your help we can reach many more.

          If you have children that may qualify, please call 586-3111 for an application or with questions.



          The Counselors will be starting a group for students dealing with divorce and/or remarriages.  The goal of the group will be to learn constructive ways to handle the experiences that come from these issues.  Students will look at ways to handle emotions, problem solving steps, and to work on communication skills that will enable them to live a more emotionally healthy life.  The group will be 8 or 9 weeks long.


          Raze members attended a Regional Raze On training at Capital High School on Saturday, February 4, 2006.  The members gave up a Saturday for the informative and fun day.  Ms. Wheeler and Mrs. Naylor also went along for TATU training and supervision.


On March 1, 2006, the members who are active in attending the meetings and working the commotions have been invited to the WV State Capital for Tobacco Free Day.  Our crew will be presenting commotions for state lawmakers and the public.  Local media will also be present.


“Through with Chew week” was February 12-18.  Raze commotions were presented to the student body.  Lesson Plan ideas were given to the staff and information concerning the dangers of Spit-Tobacco.  We all need to learn the truth about smokeless tobacco.  The entire school watched a 10 minute video about Gruen Von Beherns.  This is about a boy, who started dipping smokeless tobacco at the age of 13 and was diagnosed with oral cancer at the age of 17.  He has had several major surgeries.  He talks about his struggles with the addiction and challenges he now faces with cancer.  Smokeless tobacco contains 28 cancer causing chemicals.  Seventy-five percent of all mouth and oral cancers are from spit-tobacco.


Disciplining Your Child with Love

          It is important that parents or anyone disciplining a child set behavioral limits fairly and consistently.  Here are several tips that may help you in the future:

1.     Show respect for the child.  Focus on the behavior, not the child.

2.     Fit the consequences to the behavior.

3.     Put agreements in writing for older children.

4.     Be firm, consistent, and fair at all times.

5.     Avoid physical punishment, if at all possible.


Remember that it is important to praise your child’s positive qualities and actions.  This helps promote positive behavior.


Inhalant Use

          Why are so many of our young people using inhalants?  According to a National Monitoring Group, about 3% of all 4th graders have tried inhalants.  The rate increases dramatically by the time a child reaches 8th grade.  Abuse primarily occurs because inhalants are inexpensive and often readily available.  Most students don’t realize the short or long term effects from using inhalants.  Physical signs of inhalant use can be:

1.     Unusual breath odor or chemical odor on clothing.

2.     nausea and/or loss of appetite

3.     slurred or disoriented speech

4.     drunk, dazed or dizzy appearance

5.     red or runny eyes and/or nose

6.     spots and/or sores around the mouth


More information can be found at