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The QuickPad IR is a lightweight portable note taker which is compatible with PC and Mac computers. The operating procedures are simple to learn, and it is much lighter and easier to use than a laptop.

Basic specifications:

  • Storage capacity - up to 70 pages of text
  • File system - 10 folders, each able to hold up to 25 files, file names can be up to 24 characters
  • Display - 4 lines by 40 characters LCD panel
  • Battery life - up to 400 hours from 4 x AA batteries
  • Weight - .7 kg
  • Dimensions - Height: 4.8 cm, Width: 30.5 cm, Depth: 19.5 cm

Operating features include:

  • Text is auto-saved as you type
  • Basic spell check

Information typed on the QuickPad can be transferred to PC and Mac computers by proprietry infrared receiving pods. These can be attached to:

A USB port on PC or Mac
A PC keyboard port (for both PS2 and AT keyboard ports)
A Macintosh keyboard port (for ADB keyboard ports)

The QuickPad IR also includes options for altering the keyboard response to assist people with physical disabilities. These options include:

  • Sticky Keys

If you would like more information on the QuickPad IR, would like to arrange a trial of a QuickPad, or would like to purchase a Quickpad please contact us.